Trekking is the origin af all adventures. You will get from A to B. Some times you know what to expect, most of the times you don´t. The only requirement is your body.




Fall trekking in Grövelsjön


Join us for a weekend in the Dalarna mountains.

We are trekking during the time of season when everything changes. The trees and plants starts to put on the autumn colours and we see how the mountain is set on fire.


We are trekking between 10-15 km per day and are sleeping in tents. Half of the tours goes into Norway and we experience how the landscape changes dramatically.

The terrain is easy to trek and well marked.



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Carl Larsson trail


The world renowned artist had two homes, one in Sundborn and one in Falun. Follow in his foot steps as we trek between Falun and Sundborn and get inspired.

Perhaps it was on these old trails that he got inspired to some of his beautiful and enchanting works.


The trekking is easy and we take our time to fully enjoy nature. We stop along the the trail for fire and lunch. When we reach Sundborn, you will have the possibility to visit Carl Larsson famous summer house before we take the bus back to Falun.



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Tansvägga nature reserve


A true natures paradise. Magnificent views, a very rich wild life and John Bauer-like forest.

Tansvägga nature reserve is a special place we have in Dalarna which not many visit. one reason can be that it´s not along one of the mayor high ways? Or is it because it holds many of the mayor predators we have in Sweden such as Lynx, Bears and Wolves?

The trekking is easy and spots like the Preachers pulpit makes good possibilities for amazing views.

The lunch is taken besides the fire where it never tastes better.



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Falun´s nature reserves


Falun is placed in the middle of two very exciting nature reserves.


“Lugnet” nature reserve is not only the arena for world know events such as World championships, Clash of nations and World cup. Go beyond the tracks and you will find nature which invites you to adventure. Hike close to the wild life and a very rich fauna. Be close to the mining history of Faluns and enjoy the view which pops up from time to time.


Stångtjärn nature reserve is on the north side of Falun, and is a popular area all year round. The forest is rich in wildlife, mushrooms and berries. If you´re lucky you can be close to both moose and wild boar. After the hike, the lake Stångtjärn invites you for a swim.




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